Digital Transfer

Your Memories Forever


From 'Island Life' Magazine

There are probably hundreds, or even thousands of us on the Island who have fond memories captured on video tapes, but who no longer have the 'outdated' equipment on which to play them.

But now help is at hand, courtesy of Digital Transfer, a company formed by Terry Dickinson of Niton four years ago. Digital Transfer are able to repair and restore tapes and bring them back to life on CD, DVD or even Blu-ray. But it's not just video tapes that can be transferred; there is the facility of audio tapes, cassettes, vinyl, reel to reel, as well as photographs, negatives and slides to be put on CD, with the option of a DVD photograph slideshow, including music, narration and titles if required.

Digital Transfer can now also transfer Super 8 and Standard 8 cine film here on the Island, so archive memories of 50 years ago or more can be brought back to life. And if you have a colour film you would prefer to see in black and white, or even sepia, then that can be arranged.

Prices are very competitive, with a straightforward tape to DVD transfer costing just £9.50, and free collection and delivery.

(Reprinted with kind permission).