Digital Transfer

Your Memories Forever


*Terms and Conditions 

1. The original recorded material to be transferred either belongs to the customer or the customer is the rightful owner/custodian of the copyright of such and if not has the absolute permission from the owner of the copyright to permit a digital transfer of such material to be made. 

2. While every effort is made to ensure no damage or loss occurs to customer's media in our possession, we cannot be held responsible for any such damage or loss of said media. For example, tape from video and audio cassettes can 'jam' in our equipment sometimes causing irretrievable loss of video and/or audio. This is an occurrence beyond our control and therefore the customer accepts full responsibility for any such damage and/or loss. This also includes loss or damage to said media while in transit. 

3. While we make every effort to 'clean' and refresh audio and for photos/negatives/transparency slides in the digital transfer process, there are occasions such as severe 'clicks' in audio recordings, particularly from vinyl media and creases in photos/negatives/transparency slides that are impossible to remove. The customer accepts this situation. 

4. For pre-recorded material where the customer does not own the copyright and under the 'Format Shifting Rules' in law, the customer agrees they no longer have working equipment to play the original media, (video recorder/player, LaserDisc Player, record player, cassette recorder/player accordingly). Further, under the rule, the customer may only have one digital copy made and the original media from which the copy is made shall not be given away or sold without the accompanying digital copy.

5. If required a Master disc(s) is/are made upon request. This is to facilitate further duplication/replacement and or editing should further copies and/or editing be required in the future. (Except where the original media pre-recorded and still in copyright. (See 'rule 4' above). A charge is made for Master disc(s) and is given to the customer for safekeeping. 

6. While every effort is made to ensure successful repairs to video/audio/reel to reel tapes, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the aforesaid tapes or their content in part or in total. Most tape repairs inevitably incur some loss and 'glitching' to the content. 

7. Additional copies of discs are available at reduced cost at the time of order or later providing the Master disc or original disc is presented to us by the customer. 

8. The content of the original media shall not be of an inappropriate nature. 'Digital Transfer' reserves the right to decline transfers at its' discretion. 

9. The customer agrees to pay the amount owing in full, as per invoice, within 30 days from completion of the project. Completed projects cannot be collected or delivered until payment is made in full.

10. Any equipment loaned to a customer or potential customer for the purposes of verifying their media to be transferred shall treat such equipment with due diligence and care. The customer or potential customer is liable for any loss or damage to said equipment during the loan period.

(Please note: if you have chosen no Master disc(s) to be produced then in the event of the digital copy and the original media being lost or destroyed, it will not be possible to reproduce or edit any further copies of such media. Your precious memories could be lost forever! This also applies if you have opted for a Master disc(s) and this is also lost or destroyed in addition to the digital copy and the original media).